File a Complaint

Please review the complaint process procedure
as outlined in the NEMIC ATTCP Certification Manual before proceeding.

Until the Mechanical Acceptance Test Data Registry is operational, you may file a complaint by mailing the ATTCP Administrator within ten business days after the Claimant first knows of the basis for the Complaint. Per the NEMIC ATTCP Certification Manual, the Complaint must state in writing (i.e., printed or legibly handwritten), in reasonable detail, the basis including the supporting facts, the names of all of the subjects to the Complaint and be signed by the Claimant. Please mail the completed and signed Complaint and any additional documents you feel are pertinent to your complaint to:

ATTCP Administrator
National Energy Management Institute Committee
3180 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 400
Falls Church, VA 22042

  • Electronic submission of a Complaint or any other document requested by the ATTCP is not permitted except upon prior written approval by the ATTCP Administrator.