Why get certified?

The Standards dramatically increase market demand for documented Mechanical Acceptance Testing by certified technicians in commercial buildings. If you want to be part of this growing work opportunity, you must be certified.

What technician prequalification do I need?

Participation in the technician certification program is limited to persons who have at least three years of verifiable professional experience and expertise in mechanical controls and systems as determined by the Mechanical ATTCPs to demonstrate an ability to understand and apply the Mechanical Acceptance Test Technician (MATT) training. The MATT candidate must have the required experience, meet the NEMIC eligibility requirements and complete the MATT training as offered by the International Training Institute for the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Industry (ITI).

The Mechanical Acceptance Technician Training covers the following areas:
  • California Building Energy Efficiency Standards
  • Mechanical Acceptance Test Procedures and Documentation
  • Constant Volume System Control
  • Variable Volume System Control
  • Air Side Economizers
  • Air Distribution System Leakage
  • Demand Controlled Ventilation
  • Automatic Demand Shed Controls
  • Hydronic Valve Leakage
  • Hydronic System Variable Flow Controls
  • Supply Air Temperature Reset Controls
  • Condenser Water Temperature Reset Controls
  • Outdoor Air Ventilation Systems
  • Supply Fan Variable Flow Control
  • Boiler and Chiller Isolation Controls
  • Fault Detection and Diagnostics for Packaged Direct Expansion Units
  • Automatic Fault Detection and Diagnostics for Air Handling Units and Zone Terminal Units
  • Distributed Energy Storage DX Air Conditioning Systems
  • Thermal Energy Storage Systems

With the 2019 Standards, NEMIC expanded to a two-tier MATT program. MATT-1 certificants meet the prequalifications as described above and are certified to perform the most common Mechanical Acceptance Tests, listed here.

MATT-2 certificants, identified as MATT certificants for previous cycles of the CEC Standards with the NEMIC ATTCP, also hold ICB/TABB Technician certification and are certified to perform all the Mechanical Acceptance Tests required by the CEC Standards.

What is the process for becoming a certified Mechanical Acceptance Test Technician (MATT)?

The NEMIC ATTCP will verify that the MATT candidate has documented:

  • At least three years of work experience
  • NEMIC eligibility requirements
  • Certificate of Completion of the approved training program developed and administered by the ITI.

The Mechanical Acceptance Test Technician certification exam is an open-book exam administered by the International Certification Board.


On June 16, 2021, the ICB launched a new certification portal. For existing accounts, the first log in requires a password reset. Follow these steps to reset your account password:

  1. Click Get Certified Now
  2. Click the Forgot Password? link
  3. Enter the email address associated with the account. If forgotten, do NOT create a new account. Contact the ICB to obtain the email address.

Applying for new certification? Follow the steps outlined below.